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Water Health

Certification: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Biotoxtech Co., Ltd., Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Environmental Research, New Excellent Technology (NET), K-water 

Ingredient: Plants & Mineral 

Purification: pH / TOC / SS / T-N / T-P / Chl-a

Product Features

The effect in the order of "sedimentation → capture → floating" can be observed right after dispersion, allowing "processing algae all the way down to the bottom of the water."

Ove Cam

Ove Cam uses "Polarized Light + RGB" technology that analyzes multifocal images. The cameras installed in areas with high risks of oil leakage and cameras mounted on robots "take images from different angles and combines those multifocal images" to come up with the "final oil spill image," which leads to a high recognition rate.

Product Features

Ove Cam is prepared to deal with accidents efficiently by employing drones to overcome the limitations to maritime surveillance in terms of time, cost, environment, human resources, etc.


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