Work is motivated by the sense of duty and community spirit. SHECO places the highest values on ‘environment’ and ‘human,’ and preserves those values from the inside. By setting the shared vision of becoming a global leader in the marine technology for the 'project of marine pollutant purification,’ we work together with the sense of duty and community spirit based on mutual respect.

1. Sense of Duty

There is no 'trivial matter' for the startups. We must do our best in even the most trivial task. SHECO will not lose the spirit of a startup ever, and our sense of duty is driving the growth of SHECO. The members of SHECO evaluate themselves after completing their tasks, improve themselves, and grow together with the company.

2. Community Spirit

When all the members share a vision of the same direction, constructive cooperation will be possible. At SHECO, the vision of an individual coincides with the vision of the community (SHECO). The growth of individual competency leads to the growth of SHECO, and each individual can also improves along with the growth of SHECO. None of SHECO's work is done by a single person. All the members who participate in a task should consider the next step (the sharer). All the works are carried out with the goal of completing the project instead of completing the role of each member. All the members cooperate proactively to accomplish their visions and eventually lead to the growth of SHECO.


Our keywords are "truthful" and "challenge." SHECO has been founded to influence society positively, and its core values are honesty and audacity. We do not act, say, or choose what does not promote honesty and challenging spirit.

1. Honesty

SHECO has the mindset of “saving the environment means saving the human race.” We believe in the value of sincerity, so we do our best to create a positive influence. What we mean by honesty is sincerity and not compromising with anything. All of our members behave in the way they can proudly talk about what they do at SHECO at home after work.

2. Ideal and Challenge

The one with a dream does not fall. We are dreaming people inside SHECO. We are together with the attitude of pursuing the ideal and challenges for dreaming instead of those for accomplishment and material success. Therefore, we can fight against impossibility, we are not afraid of taking a risk, and we can spot problems on our own. We believe that healthy dreaming enables healthy life.


Our management consists of clear responsibilities and discipline, a solid system, and a flexible horizontal structure. As we believe that SHECO's happiness leads to the customers' happiness, SHECO always pursues management promoting happiness.

1. Responsibility of the decision-maker

Responsibility should be on those who made a decision, not on those who just followed the order. The decision-maker supports the workers for their honest challenge and growth. Failure is a foothold for consolidating organizations and processes, and it is a foundation for better challenges. All the workers should be faithful and honest when they face a challenge so that the healthy, challenging culture of the SHECO members can continue.

2. Distinguishing between discipline and autonomy

SHECO's autonomous environment is based on the strongly agreed disciplines. 9:01 is not the same as 9:00. 12:01 is not the same as 12:00. For the autonomy of everyone, we put a high value on discipline.

3. Systematic action and horizontal relationship

In order to overcome the limitation of the vertical structure of most companies, SHECO has a valuable culture of mutual respect regardless of their position or period of service for the company. We are trying to build a flexible work environment where the title of 'Mr./Ms. OO’ is used regardless of the position, the reporting system is simplified, and the opinions are shared freely regardless of position, and these efforts are reflected in our system. SHECO is aware that the company is where our people stay for five days a week—the longest next to their home. With the belief that maximum growth comes from the comfortable condition of the SHECO family members, we will do our best with open management to create a more comfortable environment.

Our Team 

Introduce Sheco's team members fully charged with positive energy!

Board member

Gisung Kwon | CEO

Sanghoon Han | CTO

Represent Sheco to "share pristine environment for the generations to come" with the belief that "saving the environment is saving the people."

Technical director at Sheco on its way to become the top ecological company in the world and to create a happy environment for all marine life forms!

Business Department

Dabin Oh | Project Manager

Nahee Kang | Accounting

Inrang Lee | Accounting

HR management

Accounting & Management Support

Accounting & Management Support

Kihyun Lim | Business Planner

Choji Choi | Global Assistant

Jonghee Han | Designer

Business planning & Marketing

Global business, Marketing & Design

Video editing & Design

Jihoon Kim | Business Sales

Sales & Marketing

R&D Department

Hansol Choi | Project Leader

Donghyoun Kim | Project Manager

Intaek Gong | Advanced Research TL

Leader of Project managing

Project managing

Team leader of research and development

Sebin Park | Advanced Researcher

Jongha Choe | Product Designer

Jiho Bang | Mechanical Designer

Research and development

Product design

Mechanical engineering

Hongmin Kim | Mechanical Designer

KyungHwan Song | Mechanical Designer

Yunjae Lee | Mechanical Designer

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Kyungyoon Kim | Robot Control TL

Chulhee Park | Firmware Engineer

JIho Park | Firmware Engineer

Team leader of robot control

Robot control

Robot control

Sheco's Exceptional Welfare

A happy workplace for the Sheco employees is happiness for Sheco!

Flexible work hours

Wearing headphones

All you can eat!


Sheco's daily mandatory work hours is 6. Employees may punch in anytime between 8 and 11 AM.

To tell the others "do not interrupt me", all you have to do is wear headphones. Very simple, right?

Sheco provides lunch, dinner, and snacks! Employees may choose salad or rice depending on their preferences.

A Sheco employee's growth is growth of Sheco itself! Sheco provides unlimited support for work-related books and training.

Fully support

Paid vacation

Holiday bonus

Sweet freedom

Sheco provides unlimited support such as dual monitors, high-performance computers, office supplies, and many others, for your work environment satisfaction!

Sheco employees work hard and play hard! A decade of work at Sheco provides you annual paid leave of up to 60 days.

Sheco has special bonuses for the employees' comfortable and bountiful national holidays! (Lunar New Year and Chuseok)

For the board of directors and Sheco employees in their 20s and 30s! True freedom comes under youthful environment with no dress code!


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