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is a social startup funded by venture capital aiming to set the eco-friendly life trend. 

92% of the oil spills in the world are small-scale accidents involving no more than 1,000L. The existing marine recovery equipment (oil skimmers) developed by oil-producing countries focuses on large-scale accidents (oil spills of at least 10,000L), and its components such as supplementary equipment, available manpower, recovery cost, and input time are not suitable for small-scale accidents. In the end, more than 90% of the recovery tasks are done manually with oil absorbent pad, which increases the workers' exposure to industrial disasters, including problems in respiratory, nervous, and joint systems, and there are certain issues involved, such as petrochemicals aftermath, low work efficiency, and potential loss of absorbent pads.

Sheco Co., Ltd. is committed to changing the ecology of the marine oil spill site by developing Sheco Ark, a ‘small-scale automated drone to clean up the marine oil spill’.


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