CEO Greeting

Gisung Kwon, CEO

Sheco Co., Ltd. sets out on a mission to leave the sea clean. 

Sheco Co., Ltd. is a social venture start-up operating under the slogan of "Sharing Pristine Environment for Us and Generations to Come." We develop robots that clean up industrial environments susceptible to pollution and protect the workers who are exposed to danger while doing their jobs. Sheco develops technologies that "protect the people who protect the environment." With the slogan of "Going Green with Robotics," Sheco Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of making technology, environment, and people coexist in the world.  

How It All Started

A brainchild of a maritime insurance expert as the CEO and an unmanned oil skimmer developer as the CTO, Sheco began in a start-up club in 2017 and established its corporate body in July 2019. It has developed various functions including “wireless/remote control, All In One configuration, electromagnetic LARS, modulization and etc.” to make “oil-skimming equipment quick and easy to use in pollution accidents for not only experts but also non-experts”. An oil-skimming robot developed through 18 prototypes over three years, Sheco Ark was selected for the SOC tech market, regulatory sandbox, innovative prototypes, and others in recognition of its technological advancement and necessity. Starting with Sheco Ark, it is developing technologies for "complete automation and smartification in handling pollution" 

including autonomous driving, pollution-recognizing AI, GCS-integrated dashboard and etc.


1. The whale in its logo, which greatly contributes to the earth's ecosystems by helping the growth of phytoplankton and storing huge amounts of  

   carbon under the sea, symbolizes SHECO's ambition to make a significant impact on the marine environment industry. 

2. The black color of its head symbolizes the polluted sea, while the green color of the body and tail symbolizes the purified emerald sea. 

3. It represents the mechanism of Sheco Ark, the "marine purification drone," absorbing oil and seawater simultaneously from the surface, storing 

   them, and discharging only purified seawater. 


"Going Green with Robotics" is the slogan which reflects SHECO’s determination and vision, 

which is creating a "Greener Environment with Technology" and a "Greener Future where Environment and Technology Peacefully Co-exist." 


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