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Sheco Co., Ltd. Is an "environmental mobility" development start-up. Environmental mobility refers to "automated equipment monitoring and dealing with pollution" across different industrial environments. All of Sheco's robots and devices are developed for efficiency, safety, and convenience for the workers. 

 Sheco will be there to provide "convenient, safe, and eco-friendly workplace." 

Algae Removal Robot

'Moby-Y (M-Y)'

The M-Y product allows dispersion of liquid removing algae, oil, and other pollutants without the operator having to enter the water. It can deal with algae outbreaks, industrial wastewater, and oil spills safely.


1. Lead capacity

With the capacity of up to 50 L, mass dispersion operation is possible by using internally developed "drift hoses (water surface floating)" for continuous dispersion during the operation.

2. Time & Cost reduction

No ship and personnel entering water means reduced operation costs, and 1.2 tons per hour of dispersion can accelerate work speed.

3. Efficiency with various options

Water quality measurement sensors and autonomous operation options allow water resource management 24/7, and the collected data can be managed and displayed on the customized server.

Product Demonstration

Yongsu Reservoir

Yongsu-gil, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Beneficiary area: 126.4 ha

Basin area: 328.7 ha 

Total storage: 335.0㎥  (length: 596.0m) 

Usable storage: 253.0㎥ 

Reservoir area: 10.6ha 



Beneficiary area [126.4 ha]



32% ↓


Toxic ingredients

79% ↓


 algal food

79% ↓


algal food

94% ↓


 Algae growth

Product Demonstration


Water-Health is an eco-friendly algae remover using a patent co-owned by Sheco and K-Water. It suppresses algal growth using eco-friendly ingredients extracted from acorns and chestnuts.

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[Biotoxtech Co., Ltd.] - "Acute toxicity tests using Daphnia magna and Oryzias latipes" [Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Environment and Health-Related Product Safety Institute] - "Ecotoxicity Study · Oral Toxicity Tests" 

[National Institute of Environmental Research] - "11 Algae Removal Matters Registered in Korea", "Drinking Water-Standard Water Processing Chemical Registered" [New Excellent Technology (NET) Certified] - "Product & Technology Certified" 


1. Clean from surface to bottom

The effect in the order of "sedimentation → capture → floating" can be observed right after dispersion, allowing "processing algae all the way down to the bottom of the water."

2. Upcycling!

Green algae processed with Water-Health can be recovered and "turned into fertilizer." Detoxified green algae can serve as an excellent fertilizer with rich phosphorus content, nitrogen fixation, and soil particle concentration.

3. Certified treatment

It has proven its efficiency across 300 organizations including K-water, Korea Rural Community Corporation, and local governments, as well as its effectiveness in removal of algae (more than 85%) and harmful substances with stench and turbidity.

2. Mass work

With Moby-Y combined with Moby-X, even a dam-scale mass operation can be cleaned up within 5 days.

Product Demonstration


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