‘SHECO ARK’ is a smart solution born to replace the traditional labor-intensive task of manually collecting oil with absorbent pads by the recovery workers without suitable equipment for small-scale oil spill accidents. A quick initial response is possible with its all-in-one configuration and small size and light weight. The time, labor force, and cost of the recovery operation can be saved, and the spread of pollutants can be minimized. Currently, SHECO is approved for the development of prototype and regulatory sandbox, thus proceeding with mass production through empirical tests.

Marine Recovery Drone, SHECO ARK

Wireless Remote Control

The next-generation oil skimmer, SHECO ARK, is a marine recovery drone, which uses the electric powertrain system to not exhaust any gas. Leveraging the advantage of wireless-remote control, it responds to the evaporating/diffusing characteristics of spilt oil with a high encounter rate, and the traveling distance of the command ships can be shortened to the minimum.

Real-time Separation of Oil and Water

It can collect and store oil particles up to 0.1 mm with the internal oil-water filter, and the percentage of water content (the amount of seawater contained in the oil) can be lowered on its own. Since the pollution level of the discharged water is less than 15 ppm and the percentage of the water content of the collected oil is low, there is no need for a secondary separation process.

Horizontal Collection Method

By adopting the horizontal collection method, it achieves a constant stability of oil collection regardless of sea conditions, such as waves, currents, or rain. The grill at the head of the body allows to smoothly operate without being clogged by floating objects on the sea.


Unlike other oil skimmers, it has all-in-one configuration without secondary equipment, and also light enough to be carried by two people. It is possible to simplify the steps of work process and save the labor costs by reducing ‘operation time’ and ‘cleaning process of skimmer itself‘.


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