Product Description

Sheco Co., Ltd. Is an "environmental mobility" development start-up. Environmental mobility refers to "automated equipment monitoring and dealing with pollution" across different industrial environments. All of Sheco's robots and devices are developed for efficiency, safety, and convenience for the workers. 

Sheco will be there to provide "convenient, safe, and eco-friendly workplace." 

Marine Recovery Robot

'Sheco Ark'

Sheco Ark is a compact size recovery robot used in small-scale oil spill accidents. 

It was developed to help even non-experts to deal with oil spills efficiently by "automating dangerous manual operations without any large equipment."

1. Transportation

2. Deploy

3. Recovery

4. Retrieve


1. Absorbing technology

Unlike traditional cleanup methodology, it skims oil by absorbing rather than wiping. It also skims liquid and particulate floaters in general such as "diesel fuel, bilge water, cargo dust, and ship paint" as well as viscous oil.

2. Real-time oil separation

With the filter we developed, the recovered pollutants are separated from water internally. The separated water is purified in real time and discharged as pure water in 2 to 4 ppm.

3. Prevent noise & smoke

Using electric batteries prevents noise and smoke and minimizes operation processes compared to large traditional equipment that requires the assembly of power engine parts.

4. Convenience & Efficiency

It also provides convenience and efficiency with functions including the waterproof rate of IPX Lv. 6, operation radius of 1 km, and wavy environment movement of Seastate Lv. 2).

5. Self-development

It is a robotic product where IoT and AI technologies including "autonomous movement, dashboard control, water quality measurement, and real-time data collection" can be applied, and Sheco is actively developing and testing these technologies.

6. Wireless/remote control

Through remote/wireless control, it is possible to automate the formerly manned operations "between ships, under bridges, in drainage ditches, etc." that could not be avoided due to the inaccessibility issue with traditional equipment.

7. Vision: Fully autonomous driving for real-time water quality management

Complete automation technology will allow real-time management and cleanup of water for better quality at water zone-based facilities including shipyards, harbors, fishing villages, and moorings, which can be also applied to smart city grid harbors.

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