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Sheco Ark

Wireless control: up to 1km 

Pollutant recovery: Bunker A~C, diesel, bilge water, ship paint, cargo dust 

Usage range: can enter between ships, under bridge, and into drainage ditches 

Purification level: discharge clean water between 2~4ppm 

Stability: Seastate Lv. 2

Product Features

Unlike traditional cleanup methodology, it skims oil by absorbing rather than wiping. It also skims liquid and particulate floaters in general such as "diesel fuel, bilge water, cargo dust, and ship paint" as well as viscous oil.


Wireless control: up to 1km 

Storage capacity: 50L, wired switchable

Wired hose: Floating on water surface(not sinking) 200m, 400m 

Dispersion:  20L/min (1.2ton per hour)

Product Features

Water quality measurement sensors and autonomous operation options allow water resource management 24/7, and the collected data can be managed and displayed on the customized server.

Water Health

Certification: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Biotoxtech Co., Ltd., Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Environmental Research, New Excellent Technology (NET), K-water

Ingredient: Plants & Mineral 

Purification: pH / TOC / SS / T-N / T-P / Chl-a

Product Features

The effect in the order of "sedimentation → capture → floating" can be observed right after dispersion, allowing "processing algae all the way down to the bottom of the water."


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