Short- and Long-Term Water Quality Management

Sheco Co., Ltd.'s technology is at your service for short- and long-term water quality management. 

Monitoring data management for short/long-term water purification takes place with the aim of 90% or higher water quality improvement.

Water quality management


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Product Features

Measurement of water quality before the reservoir cleanup will be used for changes in water quality measurement provided in the future. Periodic water quality management and care service will be provided for a certain period of time.



Wireless control: up to 1km 

Storage capacity: 50L, wired switchable 

Wired hose: Floating on water surface(not sinking) 200m, 400m 

Dispersion: 20L/min (1.2ton per hour)

Product Features

Water quality measurement sensors and autonomous operation options allow water resource management 24/7, and the collected data can be managed and displayed on the customized server.



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