Pollution-recognizing AI

Ove Cam

Pollution-recognizing AI 


Ove Cam uses "Polarized Light + RGB" technology that analyzes multifocal images. The cameras installed in areas with high risks of oil leakage and cameras mounted on robots "take images from different angles and combines those multifocal images" to come up with the "final oil spill image," which leads to a high recognition rate.





In water surface's case, sun glitters occur due to "waves, tides, and wind" to mar the image, unlike on land surfaces. For that, Sheco uses its "Polarization Solution" based on machine vision polarization cameras for a more improved oil recognition rate. Using either RGB data in environments without sunlight (e.g., nighttime, rainy days) or polarization data in sun-glitter environments, the AI boasts a very high recognition rate in all kinds of environments. 

The traditional oil leakage detectors are all imported products with a high price range, which did not contribute to the democratization of the local market. However, using Sheco's pollution-recognizing AI, Ove Cam is easy to implement in "sea and water zone facilities with high oil leakage risks," with an excellent cost efficiency and performance on par with the other established products. 

Ove Cam is prepared to deal with accidents efficiently by employing drones to overcome the limitations to maritime surveillance in terms of 

time, cost, environment, human resources, etc.


Ground Control System

GCS - Dashboard Integration

"Ground Control System" (GCS in short) enables easier control with slam-based mapping. Using robots with the built-in GPS, it can remove pollution from specific spots using touch screen dashboard and clean up designated areas repeatedly and periodically with Point to Point (P2P) mode. In addition to that, the dashboard also shows robot data (e.g., battery remaining, pollution loaded, damaged and malfunctioning parts, and water-processing chemicals loaded) and operation data (e.g., water quality measurement, amount of fresh water in the environment, water temperature, and management information) in real time, and the collected data can be managed and viewed via the server.


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