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714 Dohwa-dong, Michuhol-gu, Incheon (Suite E)


Hall & Lab - 478.5 m²

A hoist and various tools are there to provide a comfortable environment for experiments, and a large water tank for micro demonstration is installed!

Business Dept Office - 95.8 m²

It is a space equipped with telephone, fax, representative office, and tea-making room! There is a couch under the window into which sunlight shines!

R&D Dept Office – 85.9 m²

It is right beside the laboratory in the hall for the better experiment environment and efficient working conditions! There are a 3D printer room, tea-making room, and a space for reading.


Meeting Room - 39.6 m²

The two longest desks in SHECO in the master meeting room! The master meeting room has the two longest tables in Sheco. Significant events such as the monthly meeting and project conference are all held here. There is a large monitor!

Lounge – 26.4 m²

A good rest improves productivity. There is a separate lounge with soft couches, beds, and beddings on the 2nd floor! There is also a large monitor! It welcomes us whenever we feel tired! Anyone is welcomed for anytime whenever you want to take a rest!


+82 (0)70 4006 1531

714 Dohwa-dong, Michuhol-gu

Incheon, South Korea

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