Greetings from CEO

Gisung Kwon, CEO

SHECO sets out on a mission to leave behind the clean sea to the future generations and world. SHECO started from a startup community in 2017, and established as a corporation in July 2019. We are working under the slogan of "Let's share the clean sea with future generations by solving the current generation's problem of marine pollution with technological innovation!" or simply 'Share + Eco'. We are growing fast, and we are advancing to the seas worldwide after going through the three test-beds of Korea: East/West/South Seas. Ideas that “the protection of natural environment is what protects humans”, we are developing technologies to improve the safety and work environment of many marine industry workers, while collaborating with many partners in various ways to create a better social impact for the marine environment.


The whale in our logo, which contributes a lot to the earth's ecosystems by helping the growth of phytoplankton and storing huge amounts of carbon in the sea, symbolizes SHECO's ambition to make a significant impact on the marine environment industry. The black color of its head symbolizes the polluted ocean while the green color of the body and tail symbolizes the cleaned emerald sea, and it represents the mechanism of Sheco Ark, the ‘marine recovery drone,’ absorbing oil and seawater simultaneously from the surface, storing them, and discharging only the purified seawater.


SHECO's philosophy of protecting the marine environment is expressed as above, which originates from the cliché of ‘Our Ocean, Our Planet’ but accordingly changed to represent the connection of all oceans into 'one' and our 'one' and only Earth. By changing the possessive "Our" to "One", we changed the focus from people to the environment, which needs our protection but not our possession, emphasizing our duty as the guardian of the earth.

Going Green with Robotics

‘Going Green with Robotics’ is the slogan which contains SHECO’s determination and vision. It is based on the ideas of "greener environment with technology" and a "greener future where environment and technologies co-exist".


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Incheon, South Korea

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