SHECO offers diverse business models by utilizing SHECO Ark.

Cargo Terminal

Preparation for the management of cargo dust and oil spill accidents.


Pollutants from the works of “Ship Paint Dye and Paint Grinder”.

Oil Refinery Company

Preparation for unexpected oil spill accidents.

Thermoelectric Power Plant

Treatment of dust generated from the distribution, storage, and incineration of fossil fuel.

Moorings of Dockyard

Preparation for oil spill accidents and leakage of bilge water.

Passenger Terminal

Preparation for oil spill accidents and leakage of bilge water.


You can choose from a small size of 5L to large size of 100L according to your needs.




It is possible to rent a SHECO ARK product on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis at a price lower than its purchase price.



In case of purchasing or renting a product, you can receive the service of cleanup work on the polluted sites by the number of times, by periods, or by quarters.



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